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picAt the point of salvation I knew that I didn’t want to be the average Christian.  I asked God to reveal himself to me and to fill me with His Spirit.  His filling has been consistent and the passion He has given me for reaching and equipping people to serve Him has increased as I’m drawn steadily closer to Him.  These days I’m asking God to do radical things through many people for His glory; I’m seeing Him do that through the B53 family

With B53 growing and our partnership with World Visions making it possible to reach and help a lot of people we’re pushing hard for hands-on-ministry to be taking place everyday.  People are looking for someone that cares enough to not only share the gospel with them, but for someone also willing to share life with them and to help them learn to help themselves and others.  People are lonely and in need of direction and encouragement on a personal level.

We know what it is like to have addiction problems, family, financial, and medical problems.  So we really sympathize with people and do our best to teach what God expects from us, what we can expect from God, and the abundance of His mercy and grace that’s available for those who accept the finished work of His Son Jesus Christ.  We also follow the Living Free small group strategy developed by Turning Point Ministries to assist people with life controlling issues.

At B53 we’re seeking radical transformation, equipping Christians to do the work of ministry, and searching for souls to be saved by the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Working together with others we’re sure to see a huge change in Crossville over the next few years as relationship with Jesus replaces the more common religious attitude toward God, others, and person responsibility.   

We’re serious about reaching our community and we know it takes as much of our time and as much of our resources as possible to reach and equip Crossville for Jesus.  This is why we’re working toward our goal of being an 80/20 ministry: Twenty percent to be spent on the cost of maintaining the operation of ministry and Eighty percent going back into the community by way of reaching, helping, training, teaching, and job placement. 

We believe in investing in faithful people who will in turn invest in others during the process of Christian life development.  It may not be the only way to change a community for the glory of God, but its the method God gave us and its proving to be successful as we watch the mighty hand of God at work in the lives of many people no giving back to the community in stead of just being takers. 

  Pastor Harold

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